Limy Flower is a small family business of boutique florist based in Melbourne, CBD. We aim to create a dreamland of love and beauty not only in special occasion but also in every minute to second of your daily life. Inspired by the wonder of nature and romance in young couple love, we transmit the message of happiness and joy into each product we made. To Limy, we believe that flowers have a voice of their own, gifting flowers is the most affectionate expression to your dear ones and decorating flowers is what moves lives.


We first began in 2017 as an online store located in a small but inspirational workplace after years of excitement and joy in self-study. With all the support from family and friends, our store first become a young florist business in the early of 2019. Bringing creativity into the air of imagination when approaching to gifting flowers is exactly where we like to be. Our founder and head florist, Linh Nguyen, has a wide range of experience in the industry with a degree of Floristry Career Change at Bloom College. With a clear view of how floral industry works, we always try to bring a passionate and sophisticated approach to floral styling.


Specialised in bouquet arrangements, our products are created with thought and care, delivering fresh and high-quality bouquets throughout Melbourne. Our products require skill and knowledge from the designer so that every piece is distinct and almost all have a story to tell. In Limy, you also have the option to personalise them, make them a unique piece. We know that small gestures can make a big impact – That’s why our gorgeous arrangements are ‘perfect fit’ for gift, home-decor, or special event such as weddings, birthdays & more!


What makes you feel happy every day when you wake up? That’s the question we want to know from our customers. With our belief that happiness is sharing, loving and caring, Limy’s passion is to connect people from heart to heart and make daily life a little surprise with a positive environment.

As much as we love making our customers happy, we hope to receive love and support from you.

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